CBD Oil For Dogs and Pets

We’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of CBD for humans, but how about mans best friend? By now you've surely seen the viral videos of dogs recovering from seizures using CBD, countless stories of pooches making a speedy recovery from injury using CBD oil designed for pets, and even miraculous turnarounds of our rescue dogs getting over severe anxiety issues after being put on CBD cycles. The canine food market is evolving with amazing new healthy alternatives such as vegan treats, vitamin packed nutritional supplements and organic gourmet style meals, so why not give owners an option for a pet specific endocannbinoid boosting product!

Currently, only anecdotal evidence exists for the affect CBD oil has on dogs and pets. Pet owners administering CBD oil to dogs particularly have reported anti-inflammatory effects, cardiac benefits, anti anxiety effects, neuropathic pain relief and general enhancement of wellbeing, although no conclusive regulated studies have taken place. The ECS, or endocannabinoid system - known as a meta system - is involved in regulating multiple processes including mood, cognition and pain. In simplified terms; when your pets brain detects an imbalance it produces endo or endogenous cannabinoid molecules to address the problem. Phyto cannabinoids such as CBD (which get their prefix as they are produced from plants) mimic these molecules, helping keep everything in check.

An interesting carrier for CBD extracts, salmon oil has also been getting unprecedented praise from pet owners worldwide. Salmon oil is very high in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Proven benefits from EPA and DHA include improved cognitive function, help with inflammation, blood pressure regulation, improved coat and skin health and multiple cardiovascular system benefits.

Asking your vet for help may also be a good idea for dosage, which is usually calculated using your pets bodyweight, however there are other factors to consider. If you don’t wish to consult your vet it may be a good idea to start with a low dose and monitor the effect, gradually building it up. Although many CBD pets supplements are marketed for use on cats and dogs, they may also provide benefits to other animals, consulting your veterinary professional with detailed information about the product you intend to give your pet would be the best course of action to ensure your pet has a safe CBD journey!

Purephyto retail an amazing pure wild Alaskan salmon oil based CBD Pets product ( an industry first) which has received hundreds of positive reviews from pet owners countrywide. We have also sponsored Flori’s Friends Rescue - an amazing UK registered charity tirelessly dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted and abused animals in the UK and across Europe. Purephyto CBD Pets was designed specifically for dogs and cats, and is available to 350+ residents in unlimited supply at Flori’s Friends Rescue. The founder of Flori’s Friends Rescue Natalia George, is an advocate of Purephyto Pets and has extensive experience in animal nursing including a 1st class honours degree in animal biology. Purephyto CBD pets contains 250mg of CBD extract suspended in 250ml salmon oil.

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