CBD Oil For Athletes

Professional Athletes Who Use CBD Oil for Training or Recovery Benefits

CBD oil has become very popular for the improvement of athletic performance and as a natural form of preventing and treating some ailments by some top global athletes. CBD was strictly authorised in 2017 by the global anti-doping agency allowing its use in professional sports.

This shows great strides because unlike the usual prescription drugs that athletes use to address inflammation, CBD does not have side effects and it is not addictive when taken in small doses. CBD can be used effectively and safely by anyone and everyone ranging from professional athletes to occasional runners.

Sports leagues are also beginning to consider cannabis because one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) can be beneficial for recovery from training and athletic performance.

CBD is completely therapeutic and non-narcotic not to mention it offers strictly medicinal benefits thus, the compound itself is healthy to use long-term as an alternative to drugs such as Naproxen or Aspirin. Here are some professional athletes who use CBD oil to enhance their health and athletic performance. 

Support For CBD From Athletes?

Nate Diaz Supports CBD Use:

Nate Diaz, who is a prominent UFC competitor, is also a strong advocate for CBD oil for the treatment of several afflictions. Diaz has used Cannabis oil to treat inflammation, a common problem among across athletes in his and other sports fields.

Diaz says he uses CBD before and after his fights to make recovery easier. The UFC is the primary organisation responsible for any Mixed Martial Arts Sports and it implements unified rules. UFC fighters are frequently prone to all manner of head injuries because of the nature of the sport. 

Andrew Talansk Supports CBD Use:

Andrew Talansky is another prominent Triathlon athlete who does not smoke weed at all due to frequent drug tests so he is a big advocate for CBD, which is very different from marijuana. CBD oil is derived from hemp so it is devoid of any THC.

Talansky uses CBD to ease the stress from competitions, to help with sleeping, and to reduce chronic pain. He has also seen that some of his friends have also jumped on the CBD bandwagon through the use of CBD products and supplements. They use it on nights before they work out with most of his colleagues using CBD after training to help with their recovery.

Derrick Morgan Supports CBD Use:

Derrick Morgan, who is the Tennessee Titans’ professional linebacker, also shared that he uses CBD regularly during his training routine and he has used his platform to preach the gospel about CBD benefits.

He has talked to other players in the NFL about how beneficial cannabis oil can be for them. There is ongoing research and continued use of CBD and Morgan has chosen to tell the public about his CBD use while advocating its use among his fellow athletes.

Football is renowned for concussion prevalence among its players which contributes to trauma and brain injury. Morgan found out about the benefits of CBD in treating brain trauma and contributing to brain health and started researching further on the compound’s role in the treatment of the same. 

CBD Slowly Being Accepted

Although there is no unified approach to CBD amongst different sporting regulatory bodies, more and more athletes are stepping forward and announcing their use of cannabis based products to aid recovery and performance. The next few years should bring very interesting announcements on the use of cannabis in professional sport.

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