What is CBD Oil or Cannabidiol, as it’s otherwise known, it is an incredibly popular non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Over recent years, the uses and benefits associated with CBD oil have gained an incredible amount of attention and it’s all thanks to the beneficial properties that have been seen a million times over, around the globe.

CBD Oil Benefits?

Study upon study has shown that CBD oil has numerous proven benefits. These can range from a heightened metabolism to more level moods, better appetites, deeper and more rested sleep patterns. With such health benefits, it’s no wonder the popularity of CBD oil has increased over the years and in turn, the varieties in which it’s available.

Why Buy CBD Oil Online From Purephyto?

Here at Purephyto, we wanted to make choosing your CBD oil as easy as possible by creating our very own range of products, we don’t only sell - we create. Our CBD oils have been suspended in specific carrier oil blends, designed specifically for sublingual administration, which means you don’t need to vape in order to enjoy the benefits, extra ingredients have been added in certain profiles to achieve effects such as a relaxing or uplifting moods. Simply place under the tongue and fire up your endocannabinoid system.

Types Of CBD Oil Available?

Our CBD oils are available in different formulas from Pure to Energise, Relax and Complete along with different strengths including CBD+ 1500 and CBD+ 3000. Our oils start from just £22.99, offering incredible value for money. For more information or help choosing the right CBD oil for you, you can talk to one of our live chat operators directly through the site, just click on the small speech icon in the lower right-hand corner!
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7 products found in CBD Oil

CBD+ Pure (MCT 500mg)
  • From £39.95
CBD+ Energise (Sativa 500mg)
  • From £39.95
CBD+ Relax (Indica 500mg)
  • From £39.95


CBD+ 1500 (Indica 1500mg)
  • £99.99
  • £98.99


CBD+ 3000 (MCT 3000mg)
  • £189.99
  • £179.99

Sold out

CBD+ Complete (Broad Spectrum 200mg)
  • £23.99
CBD+ Complete (Broad Spectrum 750mg)
  • £73.99