Taking CBD Oil Sublingually - Why is it effective?

Sublingual CBD Oil use is one of the most effective and convenient methods of administration for users who do not wish to smoke/vaporise CBD/cannabinoid extracts.

Current studies show sublingual administration of CBD oil helps it enter directly into the bloodstream, a shortcut to digestion; an effective uptake method as many compounds lose bioavailability during the digestion process meaning they have less impact.

The CBD market in general is very much focused on CBD oil for sublingual administration, making up around 82% of CBD products available in the market.

Unregulated CBD Vape Oils

The unregulated CBD vape market has recently come across scrutiny by various cannabis activist communities against the use of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) the two primary ingredients used in vape liquid/e-juice.

The argument is the bases (PG & VG) the CBD has been suspended in have not yet had any conclusive studies completed on their risk to health, this leading a large number of CBD users to boycott the CBD vape market entirely.

Users sublingually administrating CBD oil have also reported quicker onset of effects as opposed to users taking edibles or products designed for digestion/metabolisation. Sublingual CBD oil users have reported great relief for a number of inflammation-related ailments, as well as anxiety and other issues.

Dosage Of Oral CBD Drops? 

Sublingually administering CBD oil allows for greater dosage control than methods such as vaporisation however dosing for sublingual CBD oil use is not an exact science as different doses have been reported to work for different people, after all everyones biology is different. Effective doses however have shown to average around the 5-15mg mark for typical non medical use.

CBD Effects On Your Body?

Taking note of CBD oil doses, times and other factors may help in understanding what works for you as an individual, there will be many less obvious factors to consider such as taking CBD oil in a fasted state, what you ate if you did eat before administering the oil, time of the day the CBD oil was administered, your electrolyte levels etc.

Experimenting with a low dose and gradually building up to find your “sweet spot” Is a great method for effective administration. Tolerance increase has not yet been studied in detail to asses whether the continued use of CBD oil over a period of time would render it less effective, resulting in a higher dose needed to gain the same effect after continued use.

CBD Products From Purephyto

Purephyto’s top selling CBD oil product - CBD Pure 500mg is designed for sublingual administration with maximum uptake in mind. Purephyto CBD is suspended in organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil which is theorised to increase uptake and increase the bioavailability of CBD in your system. We suggest holding your CBD oil under the tongue for at least 2 minutes before swallowing to achieve maximum effect.

Purephyto CBD Pure contains 25mg of active CBD per pipette (1ml). CBD Pure along with all other Purephyto CBD products are lab certified from a licensed and accredited medical marijuana testing facility to confirm potency and safety.

Purephyto products are not intended for medical use and are marketed as food supplements. Purephyto blogs are researched and written by third party contractors, Purephyto do not accept liability in any suggestions blog posts may imply, such as but not limited to dosages, uses, medicinal value (if any). Purephyto blogs are written for information purposes only by advocates of plant based remedies, due diligence has been taken in analysing accuracy of information within these blogs. Please contact a medical practitioner if you need medical advice.