Full Spectrum CBD Oil VS CBD Isolate Oil

The big topic, full spectrum CBD oil and isolate CBD oil, which is better? Let's dive into what these terms mean.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD/extract is the full profile extraction of the plant as it has occurred in nature, this means the cannabinoid profile (amongst other things) has been preserved as much as possible during the extraction process, cannabinoids, terpenes and other naturally occurring phyto compounds. 

Sometimes the refining or cleaning up of the oil may remove unwanted compounds/materials like plant waxes from this formulation. It is important to note in the UK, broad spectrum CBD products are often mis-marketed (sometimes through ignorance but mostly as a sales technique) as full spectrum. 

Literature about full spectrum oil and its benefits is all over the internet from USA based companies who are legally allowed to sell true form full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum CBD oil products will contain a full profile of the plants profile which would usually include THC and CBN, which are both restricted and illegal to sell in the UK. 

What Is CBD Isolate Oil?

Isolate CBD oil is formulated using CBD isolate, a pure 99% crystalline extract which has everything removed except for CBD molecules and very insignificant amounts of other materials and residual compounds (usually a lot under 0.1%, depending on extraction and refining processes). 

CBD Isolate oils allow the user to more accurately measure the intake of CBD at the expense of missing out the famous synergistic effects reportedly experienced from full/broad-spectrum CBD oil products. Many advocates of CBD Isolate oils argue the fact that due to the nature of the compound being pure, it is easier and more likely to to be able to produce an end product which is “mathematically correct”;

For example broad or full spectrum extracts would have a lack of homogeneity due to the amount of variables involved during the growth of the starting material and the extraction process. 

Two batches of broad spectrum oil could in theory be completely different in the make up of their profiles because of this, they may be broad spectrum extracts of their respective batches however may be from batches of different genetic starting material grown using:

  • Different methods
  • Time & Light Cycles
  • Mediums
  • Nutrients
  • Extraction Methods
  • Etc

A single tweak in any of these could result in one extraction having an entirely different profile result to the other, meaning you could buy two 5% full spectrum oils from the same supplier, but if they are from different batches one could potentially not have the same effects as the other.

CBD Isolate oils, however, would be mathematically consistent every time if other more controllable variables were kept the same, for example dilution rations in the end product. We believe products formulated through both processes have their place in the market and have come across many CBD users who swear by both.

Purephyto CBD Products

Purephyto complete 200 CBD oil & 750 CBD Oil contain more naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids than our other blends, this is because the initial extract contains a broader spectrum of the plants profile. Purephyto CBD oil is lab tested to verify purity and safety. Using the lab test results and information on Purephyto products users will easily be able to calculate and track CBD intake.

Purephyto products are not intended for medical use and are marketed as food supplements. Purephyto blogs are researched and written by third party contractors, Purephyto do not accept liability in any suggestions blog posts may imply, such as but not limited to dosages, uses, medicinal value (if any). Purephyto blogs are written for information purposes only by advocates of plant based remedies, due diligence has been taken in analysing accuracy of information within these blogs. Please contact a medical practitioner if you need medical advice.