How To Make Vape Juice From CBD Isolate

Why make your own CBD vape juice with CBD Isolate?

Vaporising CBD is one of the most efficient forms of administration for quick and effective benefits, however since the “CBD boom” many companies have been popping up with cheap oils and juices which may do more harm than good.

Another problem for hardcore cloud chasers was finding vape CBD juice flavours they liked. This is a short article on how you can make your own custom E-juice using Purephyto CBD Isolate and any brand of e-liquid manufacturer you desire;

What you’ll need to make CBD Vape Juice:

  • CBD isolate powder
  • E-juice - Preferably PG dominant
  • Small container or vessel
  • Mixing tool such as a spoon or wooden splint

Step 1: Purchase your CBD Isolate

Purchase Purephyto CBD Isolate. 1g of Isolate equals to 1000mg, so if you wanted to make an e-juice with 500mg CBD you would use 0.5g. If you know your rough measurements you can skip step 2 and head straight to step 3.

Step 2: How much CBD Isolate to use?

Calculate how much CBD you want to add to your juice. Standard tank sizes would be around 2ml. To work out how much CBD isolate you would need to buy based on content per tank you would use the equation below, we’ll go on the example of having 25mg CBD per 2ml tank;

E-Juice bottle size /(divided by) tank size = tanks per bottle
Tanks per bottle X intended CBD per tank = total CBD needed.

So if you had a 20ml bottle of e-juice, 2ml tank and wanted 25mg of CBD per tank we would apply the equation as above to find out how much CBD we need; 20ml/2ml=10.

This means for each bottle of e-juice we have we could fill 10 full tanks. We would now take that number and multiply it by the amount of CBD required per tank. 10 tanks X 25mg CBD per tank = 250mg. We would need 250mg CBD to mix in this bottle of e-juice.

Step 3: Heating your vape juice/oil

Get hold of a small container or vessel which you can heat the e-juice up in, glass bottles work best, you can find these on amazon.

You want to heat the e-juice up slightly but keep it under 60C, we appreciate most consumers wont have thermometers at home so advise to warm the liquid up to a luke warm temperature, be careful when checking! Take the mix off the heat.

Step 4: Adding your CBD isolate to the vape juice/oil

Slowly fold in the CBD powder and mix until it starts dissolving into the e-juice, carry on stirring for a few minutes and leave to cool, there should be no visible powder left in the mix, it should be completely clear as before.

Step 5: Bottling your CBD vape juice/oil

When the liquid has cooled down carefully add it back to the e-juice bottle or your new glass bottle, this liquid should be kept at room temperature or the CBD may start crystallising, if this happens just repeat steps 3 & 4. Your CBD e-juice is now ready.

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