Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

CBD Oil has become very popular in the UK due to its amazing reported health benefits, both mental and physical, however is still confused for its more infamous sibling THC - the most abundant cannabinoid in modern day cannabis strains responsible for giving users the high feeling associated with cannabis. 

Producing & Importing CBD 

CBD users in the UK are fortunate the laws around the importation, production and sale of CBD are quite relaxed in comparison to other countries in the EU and around the world.

Correctly extracted and formulated CBD oil (broad spectrum and CBD isolate containing no THC, CBN) induces no psychoactive effects and is not subject to any legal restrictions in the UK regarding possession or use. 

False Medical Claims

The restrictions however, exist in a different form, the promotion or marketing of CBD products with any claims of medicinal value are completely forbidden, you may have noticed the top retailers comply to these regulations by making no medical claims on their marketing material, products are also labelled as food supplements or additives rather than medicines of pharmaceuticals. 

Although the law for now seems relaxed, we do expect some strict regulation to enter the industry within the next few years to ensure proper practice is conducted by companies wishing to sell CBD, this would weed out the hundreds of “snake oil salesmen” in the space selling unsafe products. 

Room For Change in The Future?

The legality of CBD, however, presents an interesting opportunity for the cannabis community and users of cannabis. Since the introduction of CBD oil and the countless media stories of its work, from stopping children having seizures to curing tumours, laws around the possession of THC products and other cannabis products have started to relax. 

Countless stories of authorities turning a blind eye to users of medicinal cannabis have surfaced in newspapers, forums and social media pages, giving hope to cannabis activists and users from the UK. For now however, THC and cannabis still remain restricted and illegal, CBD however, is completely legal.

Purephyto CBD Products

Purephyto products contain no THC or restricted compounds and are all lab tested to ensure users have peace of mind when purchasing CBD oils and other CBD products, lab tests for products can be found on product pages, on the actual product or by emailing and requesting a lab certificate. CBD broad spectrum extracts and oils have had THC and CBN removed during the extraction process and do not contain any other psychoactive compounds.

Purephyto products are not intended for medical use and are marketed as food supplements. Purephyto blogs are researched and written by third party contractors, Purephyto do not accept liability in any suggestions blog posts may imply, such as but not limited to dosages, uses, medicinal value (if any). Purephyto blogs are written for information purposes only by advocates of plant based remedies, due diligence has been taken in analysing accuracy of information within these blogs. Please contact a medical practitioner if you need medical advice.