The Wonderful World of CBD Topicals

CBD oil has become famous for its unbelievable health benefits, often overshadowing another amazing category of product - CBD topicals. CBD creams, CBD salves and other CBD powered cosmetic products are quickly gaining traction in the market for the benefits they are providing for problems like eczema, arthritis and psoriasis. 

Uses For CBD Topical Creams

Effect specific topical blends containing CBD have started to emerge in the market, utilising other natural ingredients and cannabinoids alongside cannabidiol to maximise its effects.

CBD topical effects are localised, which make them effective for athletes or people suffering from injury who wish to targets specific regions for the compound to work on and the topicals market is ever evolving as formulation experts discover new and exciting natural ingredients which work well when combined with CBD to target specific ailments. 

As well as creating a storm in the rehabilitation market CBD creams, lotions, balms and salves are the newest craze in the cosmetics and beauty market, now being pushed in cosmetics departments of major stores such as Harrods and Selfridges

Finding The Right CBD Cream For You!

The evolution of CBD topicals now means there are specifically produced options for various skin types, ages and effects; a long way since the days of grandmas homemade hemp rub in the small metal tin! 

As with everything however (including grandmas homemade hemp rub) it would be a wise idea to thoroughly check a few things before purchasing a CBD topical. The content of CBD in the topical would obviously seem most important, but always remember more isn't always necessarily better.

Other factors to consider would be the checking base of the topical and other ingredientsmaking sure it is free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients.

The parabolic growth of the CBD industry has opened up the market to hundreds of scammers and dishonest companies preying on the uninformed end consumer, stick with a reputable company, check independently verified reviews, and do your research contact companies directly with your questions!

Purephyto CBD Salves & Creams

Purephyto CBD salves are developed with a blend of honest and holistic organic ingredients, we aim to utilise the power of CBD in a cream like topical which lasts all day, hence the nature and consistency of the thicker, more oily CBD salve. Purephyto CBD salves use a carnauba or beeswax base and contain organic oils and extracts such as vitamin E and rose-hip oil to enhance skin boosting benefits. 

CBD salves are available at Purephyto in 5 different blends, giving users multiple options on maximising potential benefits through the bodies largest organ - your skin!

Purephyto work with a number of famous instagram rehabilitation experts such as “the celebrity cupper” Dr. Kam from the Limetree Clinic (instagram: the_limetree_clinic) who uses Purephyto CBD Salves in rehabilitation plans for professional boxers and premiership footballers & Oz of Team 360 Elite (instagram the_eliteosteo) who uses CBD lavender in his “elite treatment” sessions. 

To find out more about how these experts utilise Purephyto CBD topicals in their treatments and to book a session you can contact them directly by messaging them on instagram.

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